Nous considérons uniquement les travaux depuis 2013, date de création du site web

We only consider the works since 2013, creation date of the website


Publications académiques / Academic publications

2014 :

- Bouri E. (2014). Beyond the Negative Relation between Return and Conditional Volatility in the Wine Market: Is Fine Wine particularly Luscious for Investors?, International Journal of Wine Business Research, Vol. 26 No. 4, forthcoming.
- Bouri E. (2014). Fine Wine as a Valuable Alternative Investment during Equity Market Downturn, The Journal of Alternative investments, Vol. 17 No. 4, forthcoming.

- Cardebat J.M., J.M. Figuet and E. Paroissien (2014). Expert opinions and Bordeaux wine prices: an attempt to correct the bias of subjective judgements. Journal of Wines Economics, 9(3) forthcoming.

- Delmas, M. A., & Gergaud, O. (2014). Sustainable Certification for Future Generations: The Case of Family Business. Family Business Review.

- Ginsburgh, V. (2014). Is Bordeaux a la 1855 defensible?. Australian and New Zealand Grapegrower and Winemaker
Issue 605 (Jun 2014).

- Masset Philippe and Jean-Philippe Weisskopf (forthcoming). Bottled Poetry: Wine tasters, ratings and en primeur prices. Journal of Wine Economics.

- Masset Philippe and Jean-Philippe Weisskopf (forthcoming). Raise your Glass: Wine and the Financial crisis. In Handbook of Wine Economics (edited by Orley Ashenfelter, Olivier Gergaud, Karl Storchmann and William Ziemba).

- Masset Philippe. (2014). Analysis of Financial Time-Series using Wavelet Methods. In Handbook of Financial Econometrics and Statistics (edited by Cheng-Few Lee and John Lee).

- Masset Philippe and Jean-Philippe Weisskopf (2014). Le placement dans le vin: à consommer avec modération. L’Expert-comptable suisse, 9, 24-28.

2013 :

- Bouri E. (2013). Do Fine Wines Blend with Crude Oil? Seizing the Transmission of Mean and Volatility between two Commodity Prices, Journal of Wine Economics, Vol. 8 No.1, pp. 49-68.

- Bouri E. and Azzi G. (2013). Dynamic Interactions between the Global Growth and the Prices of Crude Oil and Fine Wines, Energy Studies Review, Vol. 20 No. 1, pp. 80-91.

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- Mora Pierre and Florine Livat (2013). Does storytelling add value? The case of Bordeaux fine wines. Wine Economics and Policy. 2, pp. 3-10.

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- Masset Philippe and Jean-Philippe Weisskopf (2013). Wine as an alternative asset class. In Wine Economics: Quantitative Studies and Empirical Applications (edited by Marie-Claude Pichery and Eric Giraud-Héraud), 173-199.

Documents de travail (soumis ou en révision dans des revues) / Working papers  (submitted or under revision in a journal)

- Alonso Ugaglia A. & Pérès S. Knowledge dynamics and climate change issues in the wine industry: a literature review. submitted at Climatic change

- Ben Hameur H., B. Faye and E. Le Fur. Contagion effect between stocks market and wines. Submitted at International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

- Bouri E. On the Diversification Benefits of Fine Wines: Hedge or Safe Haven?, Journal of Wine Economics, under third review.

- Cardebat JM., B. Faye and E. Le Fur. The Law of One Price on the Fine Wines Market. Under revision, Journal of Wine Economics.

- Cardebat JM. and JM. Figuet. Exchange Rate variations, Exports and firms reaction: the case of French wine. Under revision, Journal of Wine Economics.

- Cardebat JM.  and F. Livat. Wine Expert ratings: a matter of taste?. Submitted at Economics Bulletin.

- Faye B., E. Le Fur and S. Prat. Dynamics of fine wines and asset prices. Submitted at Applied Economics.

- C. Maurel & A. Alonso Ugaglia. Toward an integrative model of performance in the wine industry: a literature review. submitted at Business Strategy and the Environment.- Ben Hameur H., B. Faye and E. Le Fur. Time-varying risk premium in the framework of wine investment. Submitted at International Economics

- Masset and Jean-Philippe Weisskopf. Wine funds – an alternative turning sour? Submitted at Journal of Alternative Investments.

- Masset Philippe and Jean-Philippe Weisskopf. Wine indices in practice: nicely labeled but slightly corked.

- Masset Philippe, Jean-Philippe Weisskopf and Vincent Deboccard. A study of the evolution of high-end wines in Switzerland.

- Masset Philippe, Jean-Philippe Weisskopf and Mathieu Cossutta. Investor sentiments and uncertainty on the market for fine wine.

- A. Alonso Ugaglia, B. Bonnefous, J. Cadot, B. Del’homme. The Horizon Problem in Bordeaux wine cooperatives. Working Paper.
- A. Alonso Ugaglia & J. Cadot. Vertical integration in French wine firms. Working Paper.

- A. Alonso Ugaglia & S. Pérès. Drivers of environmental innovations in grape growing (worms organic control). Working Paper.

- A. Alonso Ugaglia & S. Pérès. Adaptation & strategies to face climat change in Bordeaux wine firms. Working Paper.

- Cardebat JM. and JM. Figuet (2013), « Expert opinions and Bordeaux wine prices. An Attempt to Correct the Bias of Subjective Judgments », American Association of Wine Economists, AAWE Working Paper, n°129.


Presse / press

O. Ashenfelter, O. Gergaud, V. Ginsburgh et K. Storchmann (2013), « Wine tasting: Is ‘terroir’ a joke and/or are wine experts incompetent? »,VoxEU, March 1.

F. Livat et Y. Rousseau (2013), « Allons-nous enfin nous intéresser aux femmes ? », Tribune BEM-KEDGE Vitisphère, publiée en ligne le 28 mars 2013 []

JM. Cardebat et F. Livat (2012), « Le futur Robert Parker sera chinois », publié en ligne par Les Echos, 21 décembre 2012

O. Gergaud et V. Ginsburgh (2012), « La dégustation des vins : terroir sans importance et/ou experts incompétents », Vitisphère, December 27.

O. Gergaud (2012), « Viticulture biologique : accompagner pour rassurer », Vitisphère, March 28.

Travaux en cours / Work in progress

Alonso-Ugaglia A., JM. Cardebat and S. Onnée. Crownfunding and wine investment.

Alonso-Ugaglia A. and JM. Cardebat. Comparisons of wine industry models.

Ben Hameur H., O. Scaillet and E. Le Fur. Time-varying risk premium in large cross-sectional equity datasets: the case of fine wines market.

Cardebat JM. and O. Gergaud. Wine prices at Restaurant.

Cardebat JM. and F. Livat. Are there too many appellations in Bordeaux? A renewal of the brand vs.appellation debate.

Le Fur E. and JF. Outreville. Analyse des comportements de jeunes consommateurs face au risque d’acheter une bouteille de mauvaise qualité.

Gergaud O. and F. livat. How do Consumers use Signals to Assess Wine Quality?.

Gergaud Olivier, Florine Livat and Frédéric Warzynski. Collective Reputation Effects: An Empirical Appraisal.

Gergaud Olivier and Masset Philippe. Using information about web searches to forecast auction prices of fine wines.

Livat Florine and Anne Gombault. Wine as a creative Industry.

Livat Florine, Patrice Malka and Hervé Remaud. Motives to adopt a social media communication strategy: the case of Bordeaux wine estates and merchants.

Masset Philippe, Jean-Marie Cardebat, Benoît Faye and Eric Le Fur. Is fine wine still an investable asset?

Masset Philippe and Jean-Philippe Weisskopf. Fine wine indices: A comparison of index construction techniques.

Masset Philippe and Jean-Philippe Weisskopf. The influence of expert opinions in a status-oriented market – The case of a particular experience good: fine wine.

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